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Scouting 500

Boy Scout Troop 124 and Cub Scout Pack 124 joined thousands of fellow Kansas City-area Scouts at the Kansas Speedway at Scouting 500, May 16-18 2014. The boys camped for three days and participated in dozens of challenging events ranging from rock wall climbing to zip lines, welding, emergency vehicles and even a dose of puppy love. The event drew over 12,000 participants and included presentations from Mic O Say tribal dancers, a 45-lap NASCAR race, a Wood Badge beading ceremony and a carnival-style extravaganza full of Scouting activities designed to encourage boys to try new things and seize the opportunity to grow as young men. While there, the troop also managed to collect enough discarded aluminum cans to fill 8 55 Gallon trash bags, which will be recycled as part of their ongoing fundraiser.


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