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It's not about the patches (Cubmaster's Minute - 2014 Blue and Gold)

By James Montigny

Cubmaster (Pack 124)

A few years ago, I read an article about a man who got into trouble over pretending that he had served in the armed forces. It turns out that this is a felony. This man didn't lie about being a sergeant, captain or even a colonel. No, this guy told everyone that he was a general. Not just any general, a 5 star general! The point here is that the uniform and the awards hanging from it meant nothing because he hadn't earned them. You can buy awards at the Scout shop for $1.69 or at a garage sale and even on eBay, but they won't mean anything to you unless you truly earned them. The value comes from the experience, the lessons you learn and the skills you build. Wear your uniform and awards with pride.


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