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Additional Scouting Resources

Cold Weather Layering -

Purifying Water -

Lashing a Tripod -

10 Essentials -




Breaking in a new pair of hiking boots -

Building a survival shelter -

Selecting a Sleeping Bag -

Knots -

Tips for Sewing Patches -

Games to play in the snow -


Pack and Den Meeting Plans -

Troop Activities Planning Guide -

Scout Games -

Teaching Webelos Activity Badges -

Merit Badge Information -

Belt Loop Information -

Dutch Oven Coal Chart -


Boy Scouts of America Website -

Heart of America Council Website -

Find a Local Scouting Unit -

World Brotherhood of Scouting Website -

Tribe of Mic-O-Say -

Order of the Arrow -

BSA High Adventure Camps -

Boys' Life Magazine Website -

Scoutmaster's Blog -


BSA Youth Application -

BSA Adult Application -

BSA Health Forms -

BSA Youth Protection -

Eagle Application Process -

Twelve Month Camping Award -

Other BSA Forms -

Cub Scout Pack 124 Website -

Venturer Crew 124 Website -

Troop 124 Scoutlander site -

Pack 124 Scoutlander site -








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Useful Diagrams and Infographics

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Links to Other Resources

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Emergency Knots
Leave No Trace
Blue Card Basics
Backpack Basics
Outdoor Footwear Basics
Clothing Basics
Top Ten Fire Siarters
How to pack for camp
Estimating Time Until Sunset
Using a Watch to Find North
Trucker's Hitch
How to display your Eagle Palms
First Class Knots
Fish Identification - Missouri
How to fold a US Falg
Leaf Morphology Chart
Stars and Constellations
Stay Cool
Orienteering Around Obstacles
Orienteering Compass Basics
Lightning Infographic
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