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Be a Scout



Joining is simple;


       just drop by and visit.


Enter using the doors in the West

side of the building.

Join one of our Scouting Programs:

Cub Scouts 

KIndergarten - 4th Grade

Cub Scout Pack 124 offers as rich program for boys and girls who have begun their Kindergaten year but who have not yet celebrated their 11th birthday. Scouts meet in small groups called dens which are organized by grade and work together as they learn through adventures with their friends. The pack provides age-appropriate challenges, camping, field trips, and fun to prepare youth for Scouts.

The Pack meets every
Thursday at 7PM throughout the school year and at least once each month throughout the summer for outdoor activities and camping.


 Ages 11 to 18

Scout Troop 124 offers an exciting year-round program aimed at challenging youth to try new things, to work as a team, and to grow into the type of strong, dependable young adults we all hope to meet. Scouts grow by teaching each other and overcoming obstacles and build new skills by interacting with their environment and community.


The Troop meets every Monday at 7PM year-round

Venturing Scouts

 Ages 14 to 21

Venturing Crew 124 offers a fully youth-run high adventure program for teens and young adults. The unit is active in community service, camping, adventure and in developing the skills necessary to manage their own finances and activities.


The Crew meets every Wednesday at 6:30 PM year-round

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Visitors are always welcome!
Enter using the doors in the West
side of the building.

Raymore Christian Church

500 Peace Dr
Raymore, MO 64083


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